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True Colors

by pattypino

My hair is the color of black cherry soda. The sky and the water, a few nights ago, were stripey colors of orange, and pink, and blue sherbet. Daily, I drink green juice, eat green salad, and walk on green grass, barefoot.

The colors of summer are revealing themselves in outstanding ways.

People have been revealing their true colors to me, too. Ever since I embarked on this adventure of leaving the day-to-day of a corporate job, going on a health retreat, and announcing the reboot of my life, you have come out of the woodwork to speak, share, learn, and vent and I love hearing your stories. You are revealing yourselves in outstanding ways, too.

I find we are funny about our social habits.  It takes one person – in this case, me – to admit that things are in a shift or are stressful or need to change before people feel comfortable opening up. Would I, otherwise, have ever heard about the niece of a former co-worker who was sick for years, then went to England, ate cleanly, and cured her food allergies? Would I have been told about so many of you who want to make a life change, but don’t feel that the moment is right, right now?  Would I have learned about the writings of Shafin de Zane? I don’t think so.

So many of us spend too much of our time together speaking about practical (in my mind, boring) things like our jobs, or the state of our lawns, or the score of the baseball game… in the words of Chris Rock (and I’m paraphrasing) “I bring along a single, crack-head to dinner parties, just to keep it interesting.” It seems to me that it takes someone – crazy, honest, or both – to reveal the cracks in his/her life before people will open up and share the important stories in their own lives. Why is this so?  Are people so afraid to be branded or labeled as silly or weird or TMI (revealing too much information) that they keep things generic? Probably. I need to remember that many folks have Puritan roots, and they fear revealing their colorful ones. (Why we place labels on one-another and cause this sense of fear is a different topic for another day.)

Next time you meet someone for the first time, instead of asking the over-used question “SO, what do you DO?” why not ask something like “Who inspires you?” or “What is your story?”

Ultimately, if I were Queen of the World (which I often wish) I would decree all of you to be open about those things in your life which may be interesting, educational, enlightening, and even inspirational. I am Queen of this Blog, so I encourage you to do the same. After all, if you can share your true colors with me, you can and should share them with others, too.


And The Beat Goes On

by pattypino

My graduation from Ann Wigmore Natural Health Institute. Instead of mortar boards, we donned sprout bags as graduation caps.

It has been three-weeks-and-five-days since my graduation from Ann Wigmore Natural Health Institute, and a three weeks since I have returned home. In spite of 25 days away, and all that I experienced and learned, I am amazed at how quickly the beat of life has come right back into play – in good and not-so-good ways.

Honestly, I had a moment when I arrived back in New York, standing at the luggage claim carousel, where I felt like I had never left. It was, as if, the entire reset-my-life experience was a dream. It is hard for me to comprehend that our brains work that way; so accustomed to patterns that we click into the same-same-sameness all over again, almost immediatly.

I find this lesson – we are creatures of habit, pattern, sameness, familiarity, the devil-you-know or whatever you want to call it – both intimidating and empowering.  Read the rest of this entry »

These Are Days

by pattypino

These days you might feel a shaft of light make its way across your face

The sun has set on my final evening in Puerto Rico. Tomorrow will mark my 25th day, here, and my return travel home. Feelings about leaving the Ann Wigmore Natural Health Institute are varied. I’m ready to be home, but I’m not ready to leave.

Yes, Lucia, those are bananas.

There are so many healing things about this place. We are at the end of a little dead-end street, with cute gardens, greenhouses, fruit trees, palms, and the wonderful, blue water. Everyone greets one-another with a smile and nice words when they cross paths. The sun, the moon, and the stars have great presence. The sky is blue, and passing clouds occasionally share their rain. The frogs chirp us all to sleep at night.

It is peaceful and safe.

I’m unclear what it will be like to depart from this protected and protective environment. To return to the hustle, the pressure, the sarcasm. For a little less-than-a-month, I have been responsible only for myself and my well-being. I have been surrounded by people who are doing the same. We have all been supporting one-another through this process. Read the rest of this entry »

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